Friday, February 26, 2010

Mauludur Rasul Special : Last Request


In 632, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away...

During his final moments, his followers and the sahaba (companions) gathered around to comfort him, and receive his last request.

Question : Are we know what this great prophet requested??

According to Sunni cleric Sheikh Habib al-Jifri : "Then they (companions) asked, "O Prophet of God, what do you ask of us in these final hours?"

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said "I ask you to take care of the women, and treat them with goodness and respect"

Then, what the prophet other request was? The Prophet (pbuh) left us a responsibility to look to his family for continuous guidance...

"Keep the link with my family for continuos guidance"

Why did the Prophet say MY Family??? To teach us that after the Prophet passes away, one should not assume that our link to him gets cut off. Meanings that your link to the Prophet remains alive, as long as his family (Ahlul Bayt) remain within your societies, and respected amongst you. (Sheikh Habib al-Jifri)

The exact narration (hadeeth) is the following...

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said "I am leaving among you something of such a nature that if you lay hold of it you will not go astray after I am gone. Allah's Book, a rope stretched from heaven to earth, and my close relatives who belong to my household. These two will not separate from one another till they come down to the Pond. So consider how you would act regarding them after my departure," (Tirmidhi)

Have we honored the Prophet's request? My Muslim brothers and sisters I have one question for you...

Can you handle the truth? The family of the Prophet (pbuh), are made up primarily of 4 original members.

1. Imam Ali
2. Fatima az-Zahra
3. Imam Hasan
4. Imam Husain

And 8 succeeding Imams, 12 Imam's in total..

"There will be 12 Amir (Prince/Ruler), all of them from Quraysh" - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Tirmidhi.

Can you overcome the lies, to understand what happened to the bloodline of the Prophet?

1. Imam Ali fatally wounded by the poisoned sword of Ibn Muljam while engaged in prayers at the Mosque of Kufa.

2. Imam Hasan (grandson of the Prophet) murdered of poison in Medina by the order of Mu'awiya.

3. Imam Husain (grandson of the Prophet) was beheaded with his sons, relatives, and companions, on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura) in Karbala by order of Yazid.

Have you neglected the decedents of the Prophet? In all honesty, we did...