Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Throw yourself and the people will be happy

Najib was on a helicopter with 3 persons. He said "I want to make a Malaysian happy, I'm going to throw RM 5 down, what do you think?"

The first Malaysian said, "Your honour! Why don't you throw two RM 2 and one RM 1,you can make 3 people happy!"

Then the second one said, "Why don't you throw five RM1's, and make 5 people happy!"

The third said, "Your honour! Why don't you throw yourself and make the whole country happy??"



nightcrawler said...

hallo apa kabar..!!

Na'im Nikmat said...

Lawak siut.ana mintak izin copy...

Anonymous said...

Kahkahkah..terkencing dalam seluar aku gelak !